Day Two: Net Carbs & Photos

My First Day

To begin, my first day was far from easy and, also, far from flawless. I did really well sticking with my meal plan all day, but as night came I started to go through carb withdrawals. For those of you who don’t believe those are a real thing, they are. I was shaking, I was anxious, and I was having a hard time holding onto reality. In the end – instead of rushing to Culver’s to grab a turtle cashew sundae – I settled for two tablespoons of natural peanut butter from Aldi. Luckily, in doing so, I ended up not pushing myself too far over my Macro limit.  It just means I have to do better today, which shouldn’t be hard now that I know I can get through a day without chocolate or soda.

Also, on my first day I learned a valuable lesson: Shrimp does not taste good after being reheated in a microwave.

The Reward of Photos

Initially, I had no desire to take photos of myself on day two (so this morning). However, this morning I woke up to the below images on my Facebook timeline.

That, folks, is my mom. She’s been doing Keto since January and she looks this fricken’ good. I mean, she always has, but I can’t share her before images to prove that – as she doesn’t have any.

So, even though the first photos you take won’t look that good, it’s important that you document every step of your journey so that you can see how far you come! I did decide to take pictures – for this reason alone – but, fortunately for you, I had no desire to post them in this blog. I did add them in a link, in case I ever want to look back to see what I’m capable of!







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  1. I do have before pictures but they are not for publication.

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