MeWell, let’s see… it all started when… I realized that I really love reviewing things. What kind of things do I mean? Well, I’m glad you asked. I mean everything. This blog is (or will be) filled with my reviews of the things I encounter in life – whether they be good or bad. Fortunately, I like to see the plus side of things, but trust that if they have a downside, I’ll point it out!

So that you will have a pretty good insight as to what I’ll be reviewing, I’ll give you a brief synopsis of who I am because I’m going to be writing about the stuff that encounter. Let’s see:

  • I love Netflix and reading. I’m an introvert – mostly – so I could spend my entire day in my apartment reading or watching back-to-back episodes and it sincerely wouldn’t make me sad.
  • I love food. Whether I find the recipe online and make it at home or I go out into the horrible thing called society, I love food and I am more than willing to share that love with everyone. (Also, if you haven’t tried Natty Oaks or Thai Kitchen, they’re my two favorite places and I highly recommend checking them out!) I addition to loving food, I love using Door Dash to avoid going out in public.
  • I love online shopping. One thing I can promise you is that you will never see a mall reviewed on my blog. I hate crowds and I prefer to shop in the online world. Although, you may catch me in a Barnes & Noble now and then.
  • I use Facebook. I’m twenty-eight and I live in America… I use Facebook. That means I see adds on Facebook, I click them and suddenly I’m signed up for Dollar Shave Club, Book of the Month, or some other odd shenanigan site.
  • I drive for Uber and Lyft. I won’t review bad customers, only the good ones. I also never give a passenger a rating under a 5.0, even if they are a jackass who deserves one.
  • I knit and crochet. I’ll rate patterns, yarn, needles… if it’s rate-able, I’ll rate it!
  • I love music. I won’t rate the music I think should not be categorized as music. However, I’ll rate the good stuff. One of my favorite musicians is Lindsey Stirling. If you check her out and like her, follow her.

I’ve encountered a lot in my semi-short life. I served in the United States Marine Corps for four years right after high school and immediately after I worked in the private industry while attending school. Recently, I decided that I wanted to work in municipal government, so now I work for the City of Milwaukee.

A few more random facts:

  • I believe everything happens for a reason, whether we immediately understand or not.
  • I love kids because they are so happy and so pure.
  • I sometimes lookout for the well-being of others more than I lookout for my own.’
  • Do not mistake my kindness for weakness.
  • I’m not single and I don’t want to be hit on. I got myself a man and, so far, he’s never done me wrong.